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Okaw Valley Council's Camp Vandeventer abounds with natural wonders and scenic beauty, and is located a short distance south of Waterloo, Illinois. It is hidden away in a rugged wooded area along Fountain Creek, at the point where the creek has cut a path through a limestone bluff. For instructions on finding Camp Vandeventer click on the ( MAP ) link. Please ckick on any picture below to see a larger image, and use your browser back button to return to this page.

The majestic beauty of this view is a sight that pictures can't reproduce, and must be seen in person to be fully appreciated.

The site includes numerous rock formations, caves, springs and the sinkholes associated with them. These features calls out to the adventuresome to find and explore them.

The view of Fountain Creek and the large Limestone bluffs from the porch on the back side of the dining hall, is majestic in it's breath taking beauty.
Fountain Creek, which meanders through it's rocky bed and cascades down over two small waterfalls, adds a delightful spirit and a beautiful accent to the site.
Upon entering the gates, you will see the centrally located parking lot to your right. Vehicles are not allowed in the campsites, but two wheeled carts are provided for moving your camping equipment.

Camp Vandeventer has 7 Campsites, one of which is handicap-accessible, with convieniently located latrines.

The camp has a large Dining Hall facility, originally built sometime before 1930. The facility can be rented for scouting events.
The camp also has a good sized swimming pool that also can be rented.
The pioneer building was built in 1951, and is a brick structure that is now being converted into a health lodge. During the summer months it will also provide weekend housing for volunteer Camp Commisioners who will register in campers and preform other duties.

The Welge and McLean Lodges are new buildings, with their construction reaching the final stages as these pictures were taken.

These buildings are designed for cold weather use, but like the Pioneer building, and the dining hall, could be rented throughout the year. With a capacity of 8 campers each, these two lodges include electricity, city water and heat.

Camp Vandeventer now has two new shelters, Rotary Shelter, on Illini Hill, has an enclosed building that could be used as a conference area. The Harrisonville Shelter is located on Flag Hill.
The camp also includes an outdoor chapel, Council Fire Ring, and The Eagle Trail, a sometimes rugged, 8 mile hiking trail.

For more information or to make reservations, contact:

Okaw Valley Council
 Phone: 618-234-9111
Fax: 618-234-5670

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Page Last Updated: March 31, 2002

These pictures were taken early in the morning, late in the fall.