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Page Last Updated: October 24, 1999
This reference library has been constructed to give troops access to information or forms used by other troops.  I started with forms used by Troop 327, because that is what I had on hand.  As the amount of material increases the entries will not be placed on this site, but linked to their original location.   If you have something that you think needs to be added to the list, either a new catagory or a different version of an existing document that your troop uses, please e-mail the address to me at

Does your troop have their policies & procedures posted on the net? If so e-mail me and I will link it to the index page.  Having policies & procedures from a number of troops that use links instead of being posted on this site use very little room, and the differences from one troop to another gives diversity to someone who is trying to establish their own.
The forms posted here are "html" documents.  This allows a very wide use of the documents, by anyone who cares to download them, and they can be edited by any html editor.  We work with Netscape, Communicator 4.5 which has a html editor that can be used to change the files.  The finished file sizes range from 4.5 to 10K. (10k for a 3 page form)  The forms may seem to have strange breaks in the tables, but they were installed where a new page starts when printing.  All forms have ben converted to black & white to run on a copy machine.

B.S.A. has made some major changes to the advancement requirements, including  which merit badges are Eagle required.  This causes a major problem in keeping track of the new requirements in old handbooks, so we have made up a set of html files for each rank that can be kept in their personal records, and be used for Board of Reviews.

Our thanks to

for making the original information available.
For direct access to their page showing the rank
advancement changes for 1999, click below: