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State Park Guide

Last Update: April1, 2001


1. Beall Woods State Park & Nature Preserve

Location: 6 miles south of Mount Carmel near Keensburg, IL, just off Route 1. 95-122 [L-9,10] {P-13}
Features: Located on the Wabash River south of Carmi, Beall Woods is one of Illinois' natural wonders.  It is a small park with 329 acres, but it contains the largest tract of virgin timber east of the Mississippi River, and is a  hiking mecca. 
Hiking: There are 4 loop trails and one connector trail that total 10 miles, with simple interpretive signs that reveal the forest community to the hiker.White Oak Trailis a 1.75 miles long loop trail that starts out in an upland region and transitions down into the bottom land along Coffee Creek. Ridgeway Trail, is acrossed Coffee Creek and borders the Wabash River. Tulip Tree Trail (1.5 miles long) follows Coffee Creek along a small cliff.  Sweet Gum Trail offers a hike along a bottom land trail past a ravine, and is accessed by the Rocky Ford Trail, from the west section of Tulip Tree Trail.
Camping: Sixteen Class C campsites with vehicular access and restrooms but no showers or electricity are available. A disposal station is also available for the camperís use.
Directions: To reach Beall Woods Conservation Area and Nature Preserve take exit #132 from I-57 and proceed north on Illinois ! for about 12 miles. You will see the entrance sign on the right  about 3 miles south of Mt. Carmel. 

11. Lake Murphysboro State Park

Location: Box 144, Murphysboro, IL 62966--(618) 684-2867 145-65[N-5,6] {R-8}
Features: Beautiful rolling hills and woods surround star-shaped Lake Murphysboro and provide a wonderful backdrop for boating, fishing, picnicking, camping and hiking.
Hiking: Walk-Away Trail is a 3-mile loop, with long stairway, offers hikers the opportunity to enjoy the plant, animal and bird life of the park up close.   For those who prefer to explore nature on their own, hundreds of paths criss-cross through the hills and woods of the park.  Much of the shore is walkable
Camping: Well-equipped campsites located in scenic areas of the park provide the perfect opportunity to extend your stay at Lake Murphysboro. Campers who want to truly experience nature will appreciate the 20 tent sites. Those who love nature, but like the comforts of home will prefer the 54 trailer sites that are equipped with electricity. A sanitary disposal station is located near the trailer area.

15. Pyramid State Park

Location: R.R. 1, Box 190, Pinckneyville, IL 62274, (618) 357-2574 135-50 [M-6] {Q-8}
Features: Pyramid State Park consists of heavily forested hills and many lakes and ponds. Total acreage is nearly 3,178 acres which includes more than 350 acres of water.
HIKING: There are 16.5 miles of foot and horse trails that wind through the pastoral mosaic of woods and lakes, including the rugged 10-Mile Trail, that circles most of the park. The Pyramid Trail circles the interior of the park and has spurs that lead to lakes and connect with the 10-Mile Trail. The Ridge Run Trail and the Split Lake Trail connect the main park road with the Pyramid Trail.  Red Squirl Run and BlackJack Fork take the hiker from the main road to small lakes.
Camping: Tent and trailer camping are permitted at designated camping areas only. There are three Class C camping areas, Class D hike-in campsites, a small equestrian camp and a youth group camping area. Water and a trailer dump station are available near the site office. There are no electrical hookups in the camping areas.
Directions: Pyramid State Park is located 6 miles south of Pinckneyville, Illinois off from Route 13. Watch for a sign that directs you west on Route 152. The entrance to the park is on the right approximately 2.4 miles west of Pyatts.

23. Wayne Fitzgerrell State Park

Location: 6 miles north of Benton, on Illinois Route 154, [Rend Lake].
For hikers, a one-mile hiking trail is available near the south picnic area. 115-65 [M-7] {Q-9/10}
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