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Welcome to the Illinois and Eastern Missouri Hiking Guide. This project started out as an internet version of a list of hiking sites compiled by Mel Gutridge, Cubmaster of Pack 36. Scouters are always looking for new hiking locations, and it was decided that the information should be published on the internet, making it available to more people. Apparently many people agree, because there has been an explosion of sites with hiking information appearing on the net.

NOTES AND CHANGES FOR THE WEB EDITION: The original Document was set up in alphabetical order and encompassed Illinois and Missouri trails within a 120 mile range of Belleville, Illinois.  The web version will include all of the state of Illinois and at least part of the state of Missouri.  To make the Web Version easier to use, I plan two divisions, "Illinois Trails" and "Missouri Trails." 

LOAD SPEED AND PAGE SIZE:  To keep the loading time for these pages to a minimum, I have  included a minimum of pictures.  Most of the web sites that you will go to from this document have pictures on their sites.  Also this keeps printed copies of these pages down to 10 pages or less per section.

Illinois Trails has been sub-divided into the sections listed in the table at the left. Unfortunately file sizes are still growing too large for quick downloads, so some of these sections are now being subdivided.

SELECTING PAGES:  Click on any text in the navigation section to the left to go to the appropriate page.  Use your "Back Button" or click on another entry on the navigation page, to the left to move to a new section.

DISTANCE and DIRECTION: Mr. Gutridge's compass direction and distance, is a useful idea for the hikers from the Belleville area. Hopefully, the Illinois and Eastern Missouri Hiking Guide will have a wider audience, and I have changed to map coordinates to the Highway Map published by the State of Illinois, color coded in red [A-1] and the Rand McNally Road Atlas of the United States, Canada and Mexico, color coded in green {A-1} See map coordinates below. 

NEW SITES are being added as they become available, and the List for Illinois has jumped from the original 38 to somewhere over 102, and the list I currently have for Missouri lists 35 sites but this will expand rapidly, once I finish Illinois.

WEB ADDRESSES: have been added whenever available, and may be clicked on to visit that web site.

Web Edition and first Update:  Feb. 28, 1999
Last update: March 31, 2002
Update By: Charles Macke, Troop 327 ASM

Below you will find a list of hiking tips from Mr. Gutridge's original document.


By Pack 36 Cubmaster, Mel Gutridge
January 4, 1998

 HIKING TIPS: As you pursue hiking fun and the great feel of fitness, call ahead to avoid unpleasant surprises, e.g. the trail is flooded, hunting is underway in the area, the park is occupied for a special event. ADULTS OVER AGE 40 WHO HAVE NOT BEEN GETTING REGULAR EXERCISE SHOULD HAVE PHYSICIAN APPROVAL BEFORE ENGAGING IN THIS OR ANY EXERCISE. (The American College of Sports Medicine de
fines a minimal exercise program thus: at least 20 minutes of continuous aerobic work three times a week.) Wear comfortable walking or hiking shoes. Dress for the weather. Take water.

CLOTHES:Wear long-legged trousers to protect yourself from briars and poison ivy. Use insect repellent to discourage insects and ticks. Protect yourself from wood ticks, which thrive in woods and fields with tall, dense grass. Wear a long-sleeved shirt, button your collar, and stuff your trouser cuffs into the tops of your socks. Wear light-colored clothing to better spot ticks attached to your clothes. Examine your clothing and skin frequently. Give special attention to your groin, armpits, and scalp. Carefully remove any attached tick immediately with tweezers.

PATCHES: Some trails listed here have accompanying patches to be earned by scouts who hike their length (not necessarily all at once). Others have patches with no specific requirements. Various hiking patches are available from the Okaw Valley Scout Shop ((618) 236-3320), Benchmark Special Awards Co. ((800) 316-2610), The Patch Place ((909) 947-3023), and Ideal Emblems ((314) 567-9789). P: indicates specific patch and map available from Benchmark.

INFORMATION on hiking is available from the Southern Illinois Tourism Council, (800) 342-3100; and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, (800) 334-6946. Other great sources are Alan McPherson's Fifty Nature Walks in southern Illinois (Cache River Press, Vienna, IL, 1993) and the hiking map distributed by the State of Illinois. To avoid hiking near hunters, get season dates from the Illinois Department of Conservation (Mr. Urban Baum, (618) 233-5577, mornings). M: indicates map in Fifty Nature Walks.

DISTANCE and DIRECTION of hiking trails is shown at the end of each listing with azimuth (0 = due north, 90 = east, 180 = south, 270 = west) followed by approximate straight-line mileage from the Okaw Valley Scout Shop (Belleville, IL). Example: Pyramid State Park, about 50 miles distant to the southeast (135 degrees) is 135-50.

New Map Coordinates [J-6]{L/M-6/7}
The red coordinates [J-6] are used to locate the site on a road map, published by the state of Illinois. The green coordinates {L/M-6/7} are used to locate the site on a Rand McNally Road  Atlas.
State of Illinois Campground Classification And Fees
Class A Sites -- showers, electricity and vehicular access -- $8.00 plus $3.00 utility fee/night. 
Class B/E sites -- electricity and vehicular access -- $7.00 plus $3.00 utility fee/night. 
Class B/S sites -- showers and vehicular access -- $8.00 / night. 
Class C sites -- vehicular access -- $7.00 / night. 
Class D sites -- tent camping or primitive sites (walk-in or backpack) with no vehicular access -- $6.00 / night. 
Class Y sites -- youth groups only -- $1.00 / person with a minimum daily fee of $10.00. 
Class O -- organized adult group sites -- $3.00 / person with a minimum daily fee of $30.00. 
H sites -- accessible to disabled campers. 
h sites -- horse campground. 
R sites -- Rent-a-Camp. 
r sites -- reservable by writing to site or by applying in person.

MISSOURI HIKING TRAILS will be added as time allows.

If you have any comments or know of
other hiking trails that should be added
to the list, please E-mail me by clicking 
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